Welcome on my motion title design portfolio,

Here is a bunch of previous title study or design I made:


I wish I worked on this one but it’s just a study. Original motion title design by @devastudios. So many details and effort put in it 👏



Before launched on a Sci-fi graduation movie, our previous idea was to do a short on a 2nd World War true event. The project was unfortunatly canceled but I started some title design research for the communication:


For the typography I found a font quite classic but I added some modifications on Illustrator mainly on the M for a more dramatic look.
For the shaders, I first use a golden/copper shader cause It was supposed to remind an old pocket watch, the red string of our story. Then I twitched it to more silver / metal look to emphasize/remind the cold of war,  the blades, the sharp side.
The god raise and the glint/shime add some hope and was referring to our final scene.


This is a lookdev made for the end title of my graduation movie
Unfortunatly I missed time to develop a real ending title as I was in charge of many other elements, but I did a cheaper opening and ending title as well:
Here an other quick idea I submitted to my team for the opening:

 In march when covid hit I got 2 weeks down time so I enjoyed to learn some Houdini technics in collaboration with the music composer of my graduation movie :

An other study I enjoyed do and analyzed in 2016:

An old showreel I made when I was in second year at school (2015).
I didn’t learn 3D at this time so it’s mostly a self-taught reel, just to show my attraction for title design don’t come from yesterday :

Here is some particules design I worked on for a french/german TV historical documentary, called “the butterfly effect” in English, the AD was already done and I was in charge to do the bridge between maya and after effect until final comp. I delivered a hundred shots like those ones in a summer:

Feel free to have a look to my artstation as well for some 3D sculpts and concept:

Here is some archives and studies I refound:









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